Advice Worth Paying For


Why should I pay for advice?

In response to the ever-changing work environment an Owner may develop objectives that require they undertake a construction project. In such an undertaking the Owner is ultimately responsible for managing a fragmented, and dynamic construction process consisting of numerous entities, including:

  • Financial Institutions;
  • Planning and Design Consultants;
  • Municipal, Provincial and Federal agencies;
  • Contractors, Subcontractors, and Suppliers.

This is a costly undertaking, requiring both expertise, knowledge, and experience of the entire construction process. Many Owners are ill prepared to manage the construction process, since their knowledge, and expertise does not extend to the real estate and construction sector. Yet many Owners choose to proceed with major capital projects without fully appreciating the complexity of the construction process, and are ill prepared to effectively manage the risks they are potentially exposing themselves to.


Getting the biggest bang for your $$$

The cost to deploy a professional, experienced with the entire construction process at the outset of a project is minor. Their addition at the outset has the potential to provide the Owner with the greatest benefits in attaining their defined objectives. Conversely, not deploying these resources at the outset may result in an Owner taking corrective action for a project failing to achieve its objectives. A costly undertaking, which at best seeks to attain stated objectives but frequently, only serves to reduce the impact of unplanned expenditure.


How do I know if I’m on the right track?

What is important is that an Owner must review their objectives, and the risks associated with meeting them in a detached manner. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. 1. Do I have a clear understanding of what I am seeking;
  2. 2. Have I clearly communicated these expectations;
  3. 3. Do I possess the necessary skills to develop a comprehensive project risk assessment;
  4. 4. Have I the necessary resources to meet my objectives, or do I have skill gaps.

Seeking guidance in attaining construction project objectives from the outset requires a construction professional well versed with the entire construction process, and a proven track record is Advice Worth Paying For.

As experience tells us, time and again, effective management of the construction process from the outset costs far less than deploying resources to recover a project that is failing to attain its objectives.

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