Deciding Whether To Embark Upon A Capital Project Requires Significant Construction Knowledge And Skill

Working with our Clients as their Owners Representative, we assist them in reaching a decision as to whether a potential construction project represents the best way of meeting their defined needs.

In entering into an interactive and collaborative dialogue with our Clients, we seek answers to the following questions:

It is our ability to ask appropriate questions early in the process, and gather meaningful information on behalf of our Clients that empowers them to make informed decisions as to whether a project will satisfy their identified needs.

Case Study

Proposal for New Town Hall

The Gordon + Gordon Group, at the request of the Town of Bradford West-Gwillimbury, assessed the options of whether there was a compelling need to develop a New Town Hall.

By addressing the questions identified in consultation with the Town’s stakeholders, a report was produced that provided both qualitative and quantitative data, providing the Town’s officials with information from which they were able to decide whether a New Town Hall would satisfy their needs.