How to avoid the pitfalls in delivering a successful project?


A frequent question I am asked by clients is what are the key factors that contribute to a successful project?

Analysis of successful projects reveals that they share a number of factors in common, including:

  • Clear Project Vision and Objectives.
  • Strong Project Sponsorship and Governance.
  • Active Stakeholder Involvement.
  • Clear Definition of Roles and Responsibilities.
  • Qualified and Experienced Project Resources.
  • Proactive Risk Planning and Risk Management.
  • Rigorous Cost, Schedule and Scope monitoring.

“That sounds simple, so we’ll manage the project ourselves”

So if it is so simple why do so many projects fail?

How often do we hear of projects that take so much longer to build, and overrun their budgets by millions of dollars?

Not only do projects in trouble experience costs and schedule overruns, but also in addition they are acrimonious, and lecherous?

The reality is there appears to be a disconnection between what we all profess to know, and what is actually being implemented. A cursory review highlights that projects in trouble either ignore, or fail to implement the key the factors for success.

Your first step in planning a successful project outcome is to seek help from a qualified professional, with a proven track record of delivering projects. A proven track record should be quantifiable:

  • Reference letters/references from Owners of similar projects.
  • An understanding of the construction industry, and its unique pitfalls.
  • Familiarity with the local environment.
  • A proven record of communicating effectively with all Stakeholders.

“A failure to plan is a plan to fail”

Are you planning your next project?

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