Top 4 questions people fail to ask & the price they pay

I was introduced to a very capable business associate last year. The stress and anxiety this person was experiencing, and its impact upon both their business, and more importantly personal life was clearly evident.

“I’ve been put in charge to manage the development of our new corporate office and its not going well. We’re behind schedule, over budget, nobody whom I’ve hired seems to be accountable, and everyone is blaming the other for the current state of the project. What can I do?”

Here’s the good news, managing a construction project doesn’t have to be a stressful experience, nor should it negatively impact your well-being.

Just ask yourself 4 questions before embarking upon a construction project are you:

1- Happy and comfortable with the construction process?
2- Equipped with the experience and expertise to avoid unnecessary cost and time risks?
3- Legally aware of the building approval, design development, and procurement processes necessary to achieve my objectives?
4- Prepared to allocate significant personal resources in attaining my objectives?

Should any of your answers to the above questions be no, seek HELP.

As the business associate later recalled,

“After asking myself these 4 questions I realized that my answers were no, I knew then that I needed to seek HELP.”

What they did next was to seek advice from people they trusted, and had experienced similar challenges.

“Everyone I asked appeared to have an opinion. What I needed was someone I could talk to, who was knowledgeable, and was prepared to listen.”

It’s all about ‘Getting the right people on the bus’ when you need them.

“From the advice I was given, and the references provided, I created a list of Professionals whom I had been recommended to approach in assisting me deliver my construction project.”

Checking out industry practitioners that possess the appropriate professional designations that display their references in an open, and transparent manner is a great pointer in getting the right team working for you. The power of personnel recommendations should not be underestimated.

Nor should a Client be afraid to say…

“I don’t know… I don’t understand”

This business associate’s experiences is not unique, but how they handled the situation demonstrated how not being afraid to seek HELP when you fall outside of your comfort zone is a strength, and not a weakness; a quality that differentiates good from great managers.

Adopting this strategy immediately produced a series of positive results for this individual. Their level of anxiety, and stress significantly reduced, whilst their effectiveness to perform at work dramatically improved.

Asking for HELP is an intelligent move, and not a sign of weakness.

Contact Andy Gordon if you are in need of HELP on a Construction Project you are undertaking.