Turning Failure into Success


Why do we instinctively avoid taking responsibility for failure, rather than reflecting upon our actions in an objective manner?

It is all to commonplace within the Construction Industry to avoid taking responsibility for our actions. Conversely, success is openly acknowledged by all, even by those who may not have been directly associated with it.

How often do we hear of projects that take so much longer to build, and overrun their budgets by millions of dollars?

‘Success has many parents, but failure is an orphan’

Avoidance in confronting the reasons that lie behind failure I believe is a missed opportunity to augment your future performance.

I believe that not confronting failure, and reflecting upon its reasons inhibits your ability to seek success.

Failure if assessed objectively, without judgement, provides us with valuable lessons. As an Owner implementing what we have learned from failure provides you with the opportunity to significantly enhance performance, leading to future successes.

To illustrate this point identify a project that you have undertaken that you consider as a failure. Now ask yourself the followings questions:

1. Am I willing to objectively look at failure, categorize the events, actions that took place, and isolate them?

This action provides one with a powerful learning opportunity, which can be reflected upon, and learned from.

2. Do I possess the necessary attributes to avoid repeating the events, or actions that contributed to my failure?

It is essential to seek out, and attain the necessary expertise with the objective of enhancing your performance, thereby attaining success through failure.

3. Did I make considered and timely decisions?

Having informed information is essential if you are to avoid failure. Possessing pertinent and accurate information serves as a means to strengthen your resolve in formulating considered decisions.

4. Will failure serve to prevent me from considering further projects?

Failure should not become the reason to cease undertaking your business endeavours, but rather an opportunity to learn from your failure and enhance your performance.

Taking these steps requires both strength, and resolve. These attributes will better equip you in attaining success. If experience tells us anything success is often
attained through repeated endeavours, by embracing the lessons gained through failure will ultimately lead to success.

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