In todays work environment Owners face an ever increasing list of competing challenges that they must manage with the limited resources available to them.

Seeking best value

An Owner may identify that they do not possess the necessary skill sets, or their resources would be better deployed undertaking competing objectives.

Managing a construction project is not a core part of their business and they may not possess the necessary areas of expertise.

Self-perform verses Specialist expertise?

Potential Clients often ask me why they require the services of an Owners Representative?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have the necessary resources available?
  • Does my in-house resources have the ability to offer equal, or better value, verses those offered by a specialist resource with a proven track record in managing the construction project?
  • I am willing to commit in-house resources over an extended period of time to deliver the construction project?
  • Does managing the construction project provide a sustainable option for hiring new full time resources to manage a time-limited workload?
  • How involved do I want to be in the monitoring, and control of the technical construction process?


Seeking Value

In seeking to maximize the value of your in-house resources, consideration to attaining specialist resources to manage the construction process should be carefully evaluated.

Consider the following questions:

  • Have I in-house resources that are equipped to manage a construction project, as well as managing their on-going responsibilities?
  • Are there qualified resources available that can manage both short-term (construction project) objectives, as well as strategic organizational objectives?
  • Has continuing costs been considered when deploying in-house resources, once short-term objectives have been achieved?


Attaining Value

An Owners Representative with a proven track record of managing the construction process offers an Owner with a sustainable option in attaining value. Whilst utilizing in-house resources where they are best equipped to attain organizational objectives.

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